1st Class K9 Dog Trainers



1st Class K9 has an established relationship with a top European trainer with twenty-five years experience as a trainer and a K-9 Police Officer.

1st Class K9 is able to broker handpicked dogs and deliver to you, worldwide.

David trained his first female German Shepherd at the age of fifteen, his dog passed thirteen trial titles and won a number of competitions. His dog was also trained as a search and rescue dog, they worked searching for people in the 1999 earthquake in Turkey.

For two years David trained dogs in the United Kingdom for the Army, Special Services, Police, Personal Protection and Sport Dogs.

1st Class K9 is able to train a dog to meet your needs. Our training team are experts in preparing dogs from basic family protection, executive protection to world class titled dogs.

Let us know what you are looking for we always have a number of started and trained dogs to choose from.





1st Class K9 has a long established relationship with a dog handler and trainer with twenty-five years experience. He also happens to be a K-9 Police officer with a local police department for the past thirty years.

Bill is a very active member of a NPCA, National Police Canine Association and currently is the Northwest Regional Director.

A number of Dual Purpose trained law enforcement dogs and handlers trained by Bill have multiple arrest successes in apprehension and drug detection.

If you are in law enforcement or an interested in working and training your personal protection dog in Colorado contact us.

We have ongoing basic, intermediate and advanced training available in the Denver area. Both private and group classes are available. Keep your dog’s skill fresh or advance to a new higher level.

A ten week group training ongoing program is offered at just $295.00.

Dog evaluations are available in the Denver area.

Police K-9 handler, Drug Detection and other training also available.