Everyone agrees that there are Three Levels when evaluating personal protection dogs however there are no set standards.

Basic Guidelines

Level One: Obedience trained to sit, heel, down, stay and come. Agitation work bark when threatened and bite when given the command.

Level Two: Includes all level one and is accelerated to a much higher degree. Off leash obedience training advanced.

Level Three: Includes all level one and level two plus

Dual Purpose Police: Level one two and three plus tracking and searching for narcotics or explosives.

Remember that age and dog pedigree will be a factor in the pricing of your dog.

Level One: $6,800 - $7,500

Level Two: $7,800 - $12,800

Level Three: $12,500 - $30,800

Dual Purpose: $14,000 - $30,800

$500.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold a dog.

Credit card is acceptable for deposit.

Full payment is required to be made within three business days by wire transfer or personal check.

Dogs will not be shipped until funds are cleared.