Welcome To 1st Class K9

Congratulations! By visiting our website, you’ve taken the first step towards securing your home and protecting your most valuable asset: your family.

1st Class K9 dogs are unlike any other on the market. Our highly experienced, Europe-based trainer with over thirty years of experience, hand selects each and every dog before they enter into our rigorous training program. Utilizing his vast experience in the policing and personal protection industries, our trainer shapes young bushy-tailed dogs into 1st Class K9s. With an emphasis upon family protection and tracking skills, our program prepares our German Shepherds to be loyal, dependable, and proficient sources of security, giving you and your family the ultimate peace of mind.

Why spend high dollar on an automated security system when you could purchase a 1st Class K9, whose impeccable training is sure to bring your family protection, joy, and unparalleled companionship?

Take a look at our featured dogs. You’ll be able to see pictures and videos that demonstrate the talent and agility of these impressive animals. In addition to their extraordinary personal protection skills, you’ll see that each has a unique, dynamic personality!